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After 5 years with The Speech Emporium, we will not go …

When you have a child with a speech need, you want people in his/her life who are concerned about how speech affects all aspects of life, not just academics. That's what we found at The Speech Emporium. We fully trust in the therapists and what they believe are the best techniques and strategies for our child. They have studied our son and asked for our input to ensure that he is attaining the progress necessary. After 5 years with The Speech Emporium, we will not go anywhere else.

Gretchen Cypress , TX July 3, 2017

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The Speech Emporium was an answer to our prayers.

The Speech Emporium was an answer to our prayers. At three years old, my son had never had a meaningful conversation with me. He would point, grunt, and cry. We had gone through the early childhood program through the school district, but I knew we needed to do more. After being evaluated by Jennifer Swearengin at The Speech Emporium, my son was diagnosed with Apraxia. Immediately, he began an intensive program of articulation work. It was a long process, but by the time he turned 4, we were making serious progress. My son was becoming more and more intelligible, not only to his family, but also his teachers in preschool.

I dreaded the day that he would start Kindergarten because I was so afraid he would fall behind or be teased because of his speech issues. It never happened! Now 7 years old, my son is doing incredibly well in school. He is on grade level in all subjects and has many friends. We still attend speech, but only to clean up some of his grammar that did not develop while we were focusing mainly on articulation.

My son would not be experiencing this success had it not been for Jennifer and Patti of The Speech Emporium. They both worked with him during those beginning years when he so desperately wanted to communicate but couldn't. They researched outside of their practice to help find the best possible plan of action for treating my son and sent home homework activities that complemented their therapy sessions.

I highly recommend The Speech Emporium for any child struggling with speech concerns. Their staff is professional,, compassionate, and determined to produce exceptional results in each and every speech client.

Christie Cypress , TX July 3, 2017

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The Speech Emporium treats my children like their own!

Words cannot express my gratitude to the Speech Emporium and their staff. I had been told my five year old would never talk, but thanks to Jennifer Swearingen, we have words, small phrases and answers to small questions. Most importantly, I have a happy child who enjoys going to therapy and sits in her chair and participates as opposed to the child that I brought in who constantly threw herself on the ground and could not communicate at all. A few months later, we started her twin sister in therapy. We are so grateful to Lauren Walker for her hard work and patience. She has made learning so fun for our daughter! We are seeing huge improvements in her pragmatic language and temperament. I have to say both of the therapists are perfect matches for my twins who are very different in personality and abilities. Although I know we will be in speech for some time, I am so relieved to have found the Speech Emporium. I have seen first hand how they care for my children like their own. I would give the Speech Emporium my highest recommendation.

Pamela Virgadamo Cypress , TX July 19, 2017

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My family is extremely thankful

My family is extremely thankful we found The Speech Emporium. My son has been participating in the speech therapy program for two years now. Jennifer has guided, taught, and loved on my son to where he has gone from a little boy who said barely anything to a little boy who holds wonderfully animated conversations with people. His words are becoming more precise and clear with each session we attend. I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer and her team. They are EXTREMELY knowledgeable in their craft and will walk you with you every step of the way in the process. You truly could not ask for a better place to assist in your therapy needs.

Cerin November 20, 2019

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Jennifer and her team are AMAZING.

Jennifer and her team are AMAZING. I'm so happy I found them and their business to provide speech services to my child. My daughter ABSOLUTELY LOVES going to Speech at Speech Emporium. I would give more stars for their EXCELLENT SERVICE.

Kristi Malrey April 27, 2023

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LOVE Speech Emporium!

LOVE Speech Emporium! The staff cares about every child - that includes the front desk ladies, the therapists, everyone.

Kathy August 18, 2023

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We absolutely adore each and every one at Speech Emporium

We absolutely adore each and every one at Speech Emporium. The ladies at the front desk are always so kind and sweet to my family. Ms. Margaret is amazing. I love that she cares for my son, and he loves her. Jennifer is the sweetest, and she truly cares about everyone that is in their care.

Raychell December 1, 2023

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When my son started going to Speech Emporium

When my son started going to Speech Emporium, he immediately found a family. Each therapist and employee he’s worked with treats him with respect and encourages him to do his best. His speech has improved tremendously because of the skills he’s learned from Dana, Jennifer, and others. His therapies are carefully crafted to meet his specific needs. I cannot say enough to describe the great influence Speech Emporium has had on Ricky’s communication in development.

Mary January 26, 2024

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