Jul 19, 2017 | | Cypress, TX
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Words cannot express my gratitude to the Speech Emporium and their staff. I had been told my five year old would never talk, but thanks to Jennifer Swearingen, we have words, small phrases and answers to small questions. Most importantly, I have a happy child who enjoys going to therapy and sits in her chair and participates as opposed to the child that I brought in who constantly threw herself on the ground and could not communicate at all. A few months later, we started her twin sister in therapy. We are so grateful to Lauren Walker for her hard work and patience. She has made learning so fun for our daughter! We are seeing huge improvements in her pragmatic language and temperament. I have to say both of the therapists are perfect matches for my twins who are very different in personality and abilities. Although I know we will be in speech for some time, I am so relieved to have found the Speech Emporium. I have seen first hand how they care for my children like their own. I would give the Speech Emporium my highest recommendation.

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